UK Tantra Workshops for Women


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Shakti Course - Yoga of sacred sensuality for women


Soma Yoga Centre, 14 Poplar Lane, Edinburgh EH6 7HD


Tuesdays (fortnightly)


7 - 9pm


In Tantra Yoga it is said that there is no greater practice than that of awakening the universe of a woman to its fullest potential! So we are offering this Tantra yoga course for women, where we aim to deepen precisely this practice, of exploring and awakening ourselves as perfectly conscious and joyful women, by discovering and following the path of awakening our Goddess within!


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Shakti Dance (women) events;


Monthly workshop with Maite Alonso

Angel Gallery, South St, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5DZ

10am – 12:30pm

May 7, Jun 4, Jul 2.

£12 booking at least 1 week in advance or £15 on the door

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Jo Nimrita Monthly Class (Sundays)

Westthill Community Hall, Brighton

May 8, Jun 12, Jul 10.

2pm – 5pm


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Angela Jillians Monthly Class

Charmouth Village Hall, Charmouth, Bridport, Dorset DT6 6QT

May 12, Jun 9, Jul 14.

1:30pm – 3:15pm
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Jonti Searl news;


My Sexual Self - A Day for women

Saturday 7th May

10am - 5.30pm

Wicklow Holistic Centre, Wicklow Town

Fee €150 includes light lunch and refreshments.

For so many women sexuality and sensuality are suppressed, disconnected, riddled with guilt, shame and embarrassment. So many women experience a lack of fulfilment and are often deeply unsatisfied. Healing these, changing, expanding into the possibility of your delicious, sacred sexuality begins with you. That’s what this day is about, Your Sexual Self. We’ll talk about the story of female sexuality, where you are in the story, the patterns and conditioning that have brought you to where you are, and how to shift these. We’ll talk about the connection between sex and heart, what sexual freedom may mean. We’ll talk about your body, your Yoni, the pleasure spots, the different experiences of orgasm. And we’ll breathe, we’ll move, we’ll sound into the body to begin this journey of wonder, mystery and possibility.


There is no nudity in this workshop.

To Book email Margaret or Elaine :






Lady Liquid Love (lesbian) events;

Liquid Love is a collective journey exploring playfulness and the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact using warm olive oil .... Lady Liquid Love is for women, female bodied or identified people (women of all flavours, trans and cis women).

Everyone is invited to respect their own rhythm and limits to touch and nudity.

Boutique - 8 May. 17:00 – 20:30. London E8. £80 -







Intimacy Matters news;

Sensual Sisters Group Workshop (lesbians)

A series of 2 evening group workshops;

May 12th – Intermediate

Vauxhall, London SE11 5LN

Cost – £175 per person. If booked in advance with the Intermediate Workshop you receive a combined discounted rate of £325.

Teaching bi curious, bisexual or lesbian women the art of giving another woman a sensual massage. Incorporating enhanced foreplay skills and integrated erotic techniques. This group workshop is divided into two levels The Foundation and The Intermediate. Both workshops include practical sessions giving sensual massage to specially selected female volunteer receivers.

During the Foundation workshop, you can remain dressed or topless. In the Intermediate it is recommended but not essential that you become naked when giving the body to body massage.

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Massage My Man - A Women’s Group Workshop

Tuesday 24th May
Tuesday 21st June

7pm to 11pm

Chelsea, London SW3 3LH

£175 including prosecco, soft drinks nibbles & chocolates.

Working in pairs and rotating from receiver to receiver you are taught a step by step sensual massage routine. This practice massage focuses on a mans back of body. By having him lay face down he is able to receive a proper back of body massage but also to experience the teasing of arousal and anticipation of stimulation. This practice session teaches you both therapeutic and sensual strokes on which to build erotic sensual touch. This will include:-

Methods to help him hold back from become too aroused too soon.
How to stimulate the non erogenous to introduce him to areas of his body in ways he has never experienced before
How to give testicle teasing touch
How to subtly use your body to create intense intimacy within the massage
How to maintain your boundaries while giving him an amazing experience
How to give external anal massage
Methods to edge him to near orgasm
Relaxing him with gentle stroking and touch to his naked body

During the Foundation workshop, you can remain dressed or topless. In The Intermediate it is recommended but not essential that you become naked when giving the body to body massage.

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Shamanic Womb Dance (women) by Roisin Kiernan

We Are Wellness, 2 North Hill Rd, Headingley, Leeds LS6 2EN

MAY 13

19:00 - 21:00


What to expect;

We'll start and close with opening circles.

Dance for freedom, using breath, sound, and music. Gently guided through words, though mostly through a carefully chosen playlist and the themes above.

Plus a little extra love support for the pot - a guided meditation, relaxation, inquiry session - all related to each month's Full Moon theme.

All of you is welcome; dark and light; animal and human consciousness; feminine and masculine. This is a place for celebration of freedom.

Agreements and Confidentiality consents will be welcomed before each dance.

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Tara Yoga news;

Ten Faces of the Goddess (women)

2pm - 5pm

Tara Yoga Centre, 25 - 31 Ironmonger Row, Old St, London.

£30 per session/£230 for all 10 sessions

(30.10.21) - Kali : The Great Mother of time, eternity, intensity, eroticism and vitality).
(20.11.21) - Tara : The embodiment of wisdom, compassion, forgiveness, and grace.
(18.12.21) - Tripura Sundari : The goddess of love, beauty, harmony, truth and goodness.
(22.1.22) - Bhuvaneshwari : The Divine Mother of space, the spiritual heart, knowledge, expansion and acceptance.
(26.2.22) - Tripura Bhairavi : The model of self-sacrifice, focus, determination, awakening of kundalini and the sublime inner fire.
(19.3.22) - Chinnamasta : The quintessence of courage, spontaneity, detachment and heroism.
(23.4.22) - Dhumavati : The embodiment of the beatific void, taking us from emptiness to plenitude.
14.5.22 - Bagalamukhi : The Great Mother of fascination, paralysing beauty and the stopping of the mind.
11.6.22 - Matangi : The Goddess of divine order, synchronicities, purpose and inner freedom.
9.7.22 - Kamalatmika : The Divine Mother of abundance, fulfilment, joy, bliss and ecstasy.

In the Western world, the importance of awakening femininity is often overlooked or even dismissed. In the Tantric tradition, it is said that every woman has an enormous potential waiting to be uncovered and expressed. We have inside a vast reservoir of qualities and endowments, from feminine beauty, wisdom and grace to courage, sensuality and unconditional love. Some of these qualities are already alive and others are still latent and perhaps not yet visible. Using Tantric methods, every woman can reach the fulfilment she is seeking through the discovery and awakening of her amazing feminine nature. In this way, we truly become happy and empowered, in harmony with the flow of life.

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Tantra for women day retreat

June 18


Tara Yoga Centre, 25 - 31 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QW


Discover and reveal your unique and beautiful feminine essence, your sublime sensuality and erotic nature at the Tantra for women day retreat. Through inspiring workshops, feminine practices, a Tantric ritual and simply by being together, you will feel greatly enriched, very awakened from the feminine and erotic point of view, uninhibited and connected to your heart.

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Women's Shamanic Womb Wisdom Workshops

July 9 - 10
August 6 - 7
October 1 - 2
November 12 - 13
December 9 - 10

Tara Yoga Centre, 25 - 31 Ironmonger Row, Old St, London.

The full course of workshops is £600 per person. Alternatively each workshop costs £180.

Come and explore the Ancient Knowledge of the She-thoughts of Creation, the Womb Wisdom of the Americas . Shamanic techniques to activate our wombs and our female power to manifest our dreams and birth new realities:

Shamanic Journeying
Magikal Knowledge
Sharing in a Sacred Circle of Sisterhood.

For information, booking, questions about this offer. Please contact the organiser :

Institute Of Tantra by Jennifer Surch
Women's Tantra Embodiment Retreat

Breathing Space, Staithe Rd, Hickling Broad, Norwich NR12 0YJ


This is an opportunity to reconnect deeply within ourselves, to remind us of a life of pure presence, joy and living through heart coherence and raising our consciousness to support us in the NOW. We will embark on a weekend of inner alchemy in deep sisterhood and in pure joy, aligning in complete feminine and masculine balance, releasing and receiving through breath-work and empowering sacred ceremonies, to fully discover and embody our radiant wild heart.

May 20th to May 23rd -


LaLeNa Rose/Dragon Rose Mystery School events;
A 4 Part Monthly Women’s Circle

The Warren In The Woods (sacred woodland retreat space), near Frome, Somerset.
Series 1: (Thursday 31st Mar), (Friday 29th Apr), Friday 27th May, Thursday 30th Jun.
Series 2: Friday 23rd Sep, Friday 21st Oct, Friday 18th Nov, Thursday 22nd Dec.
10am – 2pm.
£22 per circle.
Dancing with the Dark Goddess is a four part monthly women’s circle, in which I invite you to look deeper into yourself through the exploration of mythology, cosmology, archetypal symbology and intentional primal feminine dance.

Here I create a safe ceremonial space, giving you permission to uncover what lies underneath the conscious mind; the hidden and suppressed emotions, stories and beliefs you have been carrying for lifetimes.

Each journey is a ritual that has been divinely orchestrated to offer you an initiation and rite of passage into a brand new way of being.
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Sacred Feminine Rose Womb Mysteries of Avalon for wombyn - with Amrita Grace & Lalena Rose


July 22nd - 29th

Women’s sexual mysteries have been hidden away for eons as well, and we’ve all paid a price for the repression of our birthright: full access to our divine life force energy. With Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary guiding, you’ll reclaim your true feminine power.

Our uniquely feminine, presence-based body of work is called Sacred Sexual Awakening & Healing® and it was created by women, for women.

This is the leading edge of personal growth and development, rarely addressed with integrity in spiritual workshops. No prior experience required … just a willingness to learn how to turn up the volume on your authentic presence, pleasure, healing, and fulfilment!

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Witchfest Midlands
Staffordshire University
28th May
Non Member Full Event - £28
Non Member Full Event - £28
Member Full Event - £21
Under 16's Full Event - £7
Evening Only - £13
Filled with Talks and Workshops during the day, a bigger Esoteric Market than the year before and two amazing live bands to end the day the best way possible!
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Fiona McCoss event;


Jubilee Wharf, Penryn, Cornwall

28th May

6pm - 9pm


Gather, embody, move, explore, & worship the deep feminine within.

"bare the nakedness of your soul, adventure into the sensual, the erotic, the chaotic, the wild, the ecstatic; trust in the deep feminine and how she moves through you; for she is guiding you home"

We will be calling upon a unique essence and expression of the feminine, to support you in unlocking ancient codes and energies; through embodiment, ritual, sharing, practice, presence, & authentic connection. Together, will meet the wild, the sensual, the seductive, the erotic, the loving, the emotional, the ever-changing aspects of ourselves and bring them to life in a contained and intimate space at the Zed Shed, Penryn (Cornwall). Let's gather in temple space to celebrate & unleash the feminine.

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WILD HONEY Retreat (women)

23rd – 27th June

Fowey, Cornwall


WILD HONEY Retreat will be a delicious deep immersion – five days and four nights – dropping you into your body, into your sensual + wild essence; mirrored by the beautiful nature of coast + country. This is an immersion for those ready to surrender, soften, and awaken; to meet the parts of themselves that have been forgotten along the daily grind. Together, in-person, in sisterhood we will devote ourselves to daily sensual self worship, self exploration, self expansion practices. Re-connecting to our body and to our senses on a deeper level; liberating limiting beliefs and expectations, to rewiring and embodying more authentic ways of self-intimacy + self-ownership.

This delicious in-person retreat is for you if you desire to;

celebrate your sensual nature (drip like honey)
recharge by the sea
awaken your sexuality
connect deeply with sisterhood
worship your body with pleasure
escape into nature to switch off and recharge
learn feminine embodiment practices, rituals, & ceremonies
ignite your eros with Tantric practices
enjoy the beauty of the Cornish coast

More info, prices, + booking -

WILD FIRE Retreat (women)

Friday 19th - 22nd August

Bodmin, Cornwall


Calling the Wild Women, Dark Goddesses + Sacred Rebels to gather for a deep and dark in-person immersion. WILD FIRE Retreat is something a little different. This is for the woman who is ready to meet the parts of herself she has forgotten, shunned, or shamed. This is an in-person immersion for the woman who is tired of putting on a smile + acting like the Good Girl. She wants to be ALL of herself. The wild, the primal, the ugly; she wants to reignite her wild fire and channel it from within so she embodies the full force of her true nature. Together, we will dance with the dark, connect to our sacred sex, share in daily ritual + ceremony, explore the sacred lands + invoke our inner wildness, holding space for those parts of ourselves that are less "accepted". Unleash a wellspring of feminine power + life force, meet your sacred shadows, and step into the deep dark void: home to the fertile Feminine.

This potent in-person retreat is for you if you want to;

celebrate your delicious dark essence
reclaim the taboo + meet the primal parts of self
meet the Dark Goddess within
embody your inner rebel + let her free
reignite your fire + truth
re-connect to your desires
learn feminine embodiment practices, rituals, & ceremonies
connect deeply in authentic sisterhood
bathe in sacred woodland + luxury spaces

More info, prices, + booking -






The Empowering Woman Retreat

Fri 24 Jun @ 14:00 – Mon 27 Jun @ 14:00

Apple Farm Glamping, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0QA


This Retreat is for Women who are:

Ready to dive deeper into their self love healing journey.
Ready to break down the conditioning society has placed upon us as women.
Committed to invest in themselves.
Prepared to rewire their brains from self limiting beliefs and let go of damaging habits.
Wanting to find deeper connections within the support of sisterhood.
Excited to transform, grow and align with their highest states of being.
We are so excited to welcome you into this space.









David McMahon news;
(He offers Tantra massage to women)
I will be travelling and working in different cities around Europe in the coming months. If any of these locations are more convenient for you get in touch and we'll work out how best to connect.
I will will continue to provide sessions in Manor House, London N4 in break periods between the European locations.
Jun 2022. London - early June, dates tbd


Wild Women news;

Luxury Day Retreat (women)

9 Jul @ 10:00 – 10 Jul @ 18:00.

Avalon Sanctuary, Broughton Hall Estate, Skipton, North Yorkshire BD23 3AE

Payment in full: £150.

3 Part Payment Plan (pay in 3 parts total £180) - £60.

Calling all Wild Women!

Do you feel stagnant and need a day to lift your energy?

Do you need some time for yourself?

Are you looking for inspiration to reignite your inner wildness?

Are you noticing changes in your emotions, body and your connection, that you want to explore?

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Spirit Horse events;

The Women's Lodge - Summer Circle


27th - 31st July

Full Price: £200

Community contributors: £170

Untangle our feet, free our Soul. Finding strength in simplicity. The flowering of the Heart, state of Gratitude. Connecting to Earthly and Celestial magnetism. Honouring life in everything, being an active force for good. Celebration of kinship to plants, animals, to the elements and to each other through stories, dance, song, and creating beauty in friendship and in riotous fun.

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Suzie Ford event;

Re-Wilding (women)

Friday 29th July until Monday 1st August

Snowdonia, Wales.


3 delicious, nourishing plant-based meals a day
Tea station (I’m a herbal tea addict)
Tantra yoga
Tantric bodywork
Trauma release exercises
Somatic healing practices
Sounding voice expression work
Goddess dancing
Nature bathing
Wild swimming
Ceremony and circle sharing

... And so much more!

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Tantric Journey event;

Female Yoni Massage And Male Prostate Massage With Pelvic De-armouring To Release Stagnant And Negative Emotions And Explore Bliss

Module 2 - Certified Tantric Journey Educator (CTJE) workshops for Couples, Individuals and practitioners


8 - 11 Aug

10am to 10pm



Prostate Massage is something every man and woman must learn to give and receive. Prostate is also called the Sacred Spot or G spot of the man and the woman, where most negative emotions are stored. During this class, you will learn how to give and receive a sacred spot massage which is also called G spot massage, Vaginal massage, or Yoni massage (for women) and Prostate massage (for men). The purpose of this massage for women is to help release negative stagnant emotions through female ejaculation which is called Amrita in Sanskrit. Amrita is also called Yoni Crying, which is similar to releasing sadness through teardrops from your eyes.

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Magickal Women Conference : Illuminating The Dark

65 Queen’s Gate, South Kensington, London.
Saturday 15 October
9am - 8pm
£95 Early Bird tickets available until 31 May. £125 full price.
Celebration of the community we have collectively created over the last 3 years as we joyfully meet under one roof once again. As the nights draw in this October, the Magickal Women Conference will explore the theme of darkness and the illumination it can bring in all streams of magic, past and present. It will provide an opportunity to explore the female perspective of the occult, esotericism, witchcraft and magic with another stellar roster of women working in the field today.
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