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Shakti Tantra event;

The Naked Fool
North Wales
Start: May 12 @ 6pm
End: May 15 @ 2pm
Cost: £650.
If you want to liberate your authentic-self and say a wholehearted ‘yes’ to life you must first be prepared to fail. Join us as we learn to fail with style using a mix of fooling and tantric techniques. Over these few days, we will set aside our inner tyrant and with pleasure curiosity and imagination welcome our spontaneous and playful selves.

How we come to be holding space for fool and Tantra explorers (you don’t have to know anything about to either to be an explorer by the way, as you have us, your Tantric Fool sherpas to guide your journey).
More - https://shaktitantra.co.uk/event/naked-fool-may22/


Conscious Dating - Conscious Friendships

Fri 20 May

20:00 – 23:00

Pole Twisters, East Moors Rd, Unit 4, Cardiff CF24 5EW

This event is co- created by Lisa-Marie - pole dance/exotic teacher, reiki level two & Tantric masseuse.

What to expect;

We will start with a opening circle, with sage & getting name tags. Then a small meditation & stretches, followed with some easy yoga moves & gi gong, smiles, laughs & giggles.

We will move on to writing down what we are trying to manifest/looking for in a partner & do some prays (if you wish)

We will greet with our feet after doing some wild dancing (ecstatic dance) your feet will connect, you will look up & eye gaze, connect with the persons aura. After the gong bell goes, you will move onto the next (no looking up).

More - www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/conscious-dating-conscious-friendships-tickets-310128963077


Sacred Light Tantra/Paths of Transformation news;

Finding Your Aliveness - Fundamentals of Energy and Tantra

North Wales, approx. 1.5 hours west of Manchester (Residential)

Wed 29 Jun to Sun 3 July

1pm on first day to 2pm on final day

Cost: £625 plus accommodation and board

Join us for a deep dive immersion of the fundamentals of energy and Tantra. This can be done stand alone or as part of the full year long training for tantra massage and is an in depth exploration of the basic elements of Tantra. Following the principle that Tantric massage is, in its highest form, an initiation into Tantra. This training has been running for over 8 years and is based on John Hawken's body of work, developed over 35 years. It is a safe, supportive environment delivered by Shakti Elara and Jon Gosling, teachers at John Hawken's Paths of Transformation faculty.

This block runs twice, in June in North Wales as residential and in August in Manchester as non-residential.

Further details at - www.sacredlighttantra.com/calendar

Contact Elara at 07391 552 616

Spirit Horse events;

The Women's Lodge - Summer Circle


27th - 31st July

Full Price: £200

Community contributors: £170

Untangle our feet, free our Soul. Finding strength in simplicity. The flowering of the Heart, state of Gratitude. Connecting to Earthly and Celestial magnetism. Honouring life in everything, being an active force for good. Celebration of kinship to plants, animals, to the elements and to each other through stories, dance, song, and creating beauty in friendship and in riotous fun.

More - www.spirithorse.co.uk/women-s-lodge


Sacred Man: Sacred Woman


12th - 16th August

Full Price: £250
Couples: £450
Community contributors: £125

Come and learn this ancient art of living at our annual summer ceremony. No experience is needed. Come alone or with your partner and renew life, yourself and your relationships. You’ll be someone else at the end! You may feel ok as a man or as a woman and you and your relationships may be doing fine, but in this culture some part of you is likely to be aching with loneliness, knowing you have never been seen, part of you never addressed in the way your ancient heart has waited for.

More - www.spirithorse.co.uk/sacred-man-sacred-woman

Enlightenment Intensives

4th - 10th August
Spirit Horse Village is settled within a secluded and secret valley in Wales. Directions are sent to you upon booking, or on special request, if you contact us directly.
Full Price: £400. Community contributors: £300
These Enlightenment Intensives are aimed at breaking through to a profound state of awareness often called "enlightenment." There are many more correct, traditional and poetic ways of referring to this most precious and essential understanding. This naturally occurring state is read and talked about, usually, as if it lives at the end of a mystical rainbow and will never happen. That is a shame - it is the key to life and happiness and can be experienced by anyone who takes two to three days to look deeply within, earnestly and honestly, with complete attention. You need skilful support to do this. Going it alone is life wastingly slow.

On Enlightenment Intensives "ordinary" people achieve the most profound states of consciousness. These states are not the property of monks or saints or robed lamas or holy men of the east or west. They are completely natural - but easily lost to view - unless you are deeply questioning, observing and open. You will be carefully guided in a simple technique of enquiry that produces astonishing and deeply satisfying life changing results in days.
There are also basic ground rules, which are designed to minimise any distractions from contemplating. The rules include no smoking, alcohol, caffeine or any other drugs, no sex and no gossiping.
More - www.spirithorse.co.uk/enlightment-intensive
Other events - www.spirithorse.co.uk/workshops-events

Suzie Ford event;

Re-Wilding (women)

Friday 29th July until Monday 1st August

Snowdonia, Wales.

3 delicious, nourishing plant-based meals a day
Tea station (I’m a herbal tea addict)
Tantra yoga
Tantric bodywork
Trauma release exercises
Somatic healing practices
Sounding voice expression work
Goddess dancing
Nature bathing
Wild swimming
Ceremony and circle sharing

... And so much more!

More - www.suzieford.com/retreats/rewilding-uk

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