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Shakti Centre: Social meditations, Osho meditations and AUM meditation.

Contact: Mohana on 0115 878 4884 or email -
Monthly Tantra Class
Jangchub Ling Kadampa Buddhist Centre, 1A Sydney Rd, Cradley Heath, West Midlands B64 5BA
Fridays once a month
7pm - 9pm
It is often said that the path of Tantra is superior to the path of Sutra, but to understand why this is so we need to engage in a precise study of both Sutra and Tantra; otherwise our statements about the superiority of Tantra will be mere words. The teachings of Tantra, or Secret Mantra as it is sometimes called, are the rarest and most precious of Buddha’s teachings. It is only by following the path of Secret Mantra that we can attain enlightenment, or Buddhahood.
To attend this class it is necessary to have received a Tantric empowerments or the sincere intention to receive one at the next opportunity. We may contact you after booking to check.
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Spectrum Naturist Club - Yoga class

Edgbaston, Birmingham

Once a month, usually on the fourth Saturday but subject to change, an hour of yoga between 6:30 and 7:30. This is led by a British Wheel of Yoga teacher.

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Yoga Au Naturelle (naturist yoga)

(new time of 2pm - 3.15pm)

St Anne’s Church Hall, Park Hill, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8DU

£10 per session (couples £15 per session)

Please email before your first visit -

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Tantra, Touch & Intimacy (gay).

Sat 21 May

4pm to 7pm.


£33 (Early bird price until 9 May). £44 (Standard).

You will be gently guided on a 3-hour exploration of Tantra. The programme is great if you want to connect with other men in a loving in and sensual way that is more intimate than the way typically men meet.

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The Empowering Woman Retreat

Fri 24 Jun @ 14:00 – Mon 27 Jun @ 14:00

Apple Farm Glamping, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 0QA


This Retreat is for Women who are:

Ready to dive deeper into their self love healing journey.
Ready to break down the conditioning society has placed upon us as women.
Committed to invest in themselves.
Prepared to rewire their brains from self limiting beliefs and let go of damaging habits.
Wanting to find deeper connections within the support of sisterhood.
Excited to transform, grow and align with their highest states of being.
We are so excited to welcome you into this space.






Celtic Tantra news;


July 29 - 31

Wildways, Shropshire

Cost: Early Booking (before July 1st) £165. Later Booking £185

Lammas is a time when we can allow the boundaries between self and other, and self and nature, to soften and dissolve in the pause before the main harvest. A chance to give thanks for your life, and expand into the lushness of summer. The body relaxes, the spirit soars. The invitation is to merge. To open your whole being to what is around you, allow your skin to breathe, your heart to soften, and your whole being to rejoice in the juiciness of nature.

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November 4 - 6

Wildways, Shropshire

At Samhain (Halloween), on the cusp between October and November, the darkness has really begun to deepen. The time is ripe to shed old patterns and long-held forms and surrender to the dark and all it contains. Traditionally this is also the time to connect with your ancestors as guides for your winter journeying, and to ignite your inner fires as you move deeper into the dream time.

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London South (not London) Women


Gay/Queer Wales East Anglia North of England Scotland Ireland


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